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School Hours

Mon - Fri : 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

3 Year Old Classes

We have 3 year old classes here at Kingswood Academy. Starting your child in a 3 year old preschool class may help them excel in VPK next year. Call for a tour today!

3 Year Olds

3 Year Old Preschool Class

Get your 3 year old ready for next year! With VPK on the horizon this is the best time to get started with Preschool if you have not already! Many parents find that 3 is the prime time to get their child involved with other children their age. That is why Kingswood offers a 3 year old class for your child and their peers. Our multiple locations offer fun outdoor activities, on campus splash pads, computer labs, Kidville indoor play houses and so much more. Come in for a tour today!

3 Year Old Class

Get Ready for VPK!

Our preschool program—or Little Astronauts and Little Scientists as we like to call it—is filled with exploration and discovery for your child. Here, active and enthusiastic children expand their skills and knowledge while having fun! The Kingswood Academy’s preschool program embraces the joy of learning and uses research-based principles as the cornerstone of instruction. This program provides comprehensive, integrated instruction in all developmental domains based on a systematic and sequential continuum for building skills and concepts. Your child receives a fun daily routine that develops key social skills and interactions that build a strong foundation for meeting future academic challenges. We strive to be the best preschool in West Palm Beach.