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Mon - Fri : 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Pre-K / VPK Palm Beach County Florida

Get ready for Kindergarten here at Kingswood Academy. Full day or half day VPK available at all 4 of our locations!

Pre-K / VPK

Free Half-Day, Paid Full Day

Voluntary Pre Kindergarten (VPK) is a FREE program for each four-year-old born on or before September 1st of the current school year, who resides in Florida to attend a quality preschool program.

Get your VPK Certificate from The School District of Palm Beach County. Click the button below for instructions to get your child’s certificate. Half-day VPK is free for all Palm Beach County parents. Kingswood offers full day VPK for paid students. It is a great way to get them ready for Kindergarten and even after care programs! If you have a school age student we offer after care with transportation from the school to the Kingswood Academy closest to your home!


4 to 6 Year Olds

VPK gives children a head start by prepping them for school and boosting their pre-reading, pre-math, language and social skills. Kingswood Academy students are strengthened at an early age with the skills needed to become strong readers who are more likely to be successful in school. Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten classrooms offer high-quality programs that include high literacy standards, developmentally appropriate curricula, manageable class sizes, and knowledgeable teachers.


The Pre kindergarten program serves as a precursor to private and/or public school. Remember: The early years are the learning years! A child’s ability to be focused and to follow directions emerges during these early years. Structured early learning fosters abilities for later success in school and in life. Kingswood Academy’s program offers a balance of fun, creative, hands-on activities as well as more traditional, measurable venues of learning. At Kingswood Academy, we do more than prepare your child for success in elementary school. Individual attention and a strong emphasis on reading and math provides each child a solid foundation for elementary school success. The literacy-rich environment at our facility begins with phonetic awareness and conventional reading. With these skills, children have the foundation to begin reading text fluently and writing to communicate information, thoughts and ideas with confidence.